The obligatory initial blog post. Let me say something about the name, ask you to read, promise you I’ll write, and then we will see where we end up in June. I’m thankful that many posts have been planned and writing prompts written over the last year. I’m at sitting on six months of material so hopefully we can all make it until July!

The last year has been¬†tumultuous. We started 2016 out in the US as I finished my last doctoral class, then we returned to language school in Costa Rica, and then we moved to Ecuador to put those new language skills to work. We have been able to see different facets of missions and I’m actively writing my dissertation on the various aspects of honor and shame within Ecuadorian culture while thinking about how this works out missiologically.

What can you expect? Initially, you can expect thoughts of Latin American missions coming through my posts. There will be interviews of missionaries in other parts of the world and returned missionaries. I’m planning on teaching the book of Jeremiah in April to some indigenous pastors so you will see some thoughts as I create my material. Since missions is the job of the local church you will see posts thinking through various church issues. Finally, I hope to¬†be known more for what I am for rather than what I am against but it will be necessary at times to critique. I hope to never do this in a condescending manner. I’d much rather engage ideas and offer viable alternatives.

Thanks for embarking on this journey with me. I hope to see you in July.