Eating food in another country can be dangerous. My wife has struggled the most. On the other hand, my daughter has had her share of fevers and viruses. Kids get these all the time but they definitely seem worse in another culture. I’ve been relatively lucky to not struggle too much with these.

I usually don’t use the word “luck” but I’m not sure I can use anything else. If I use the good Christian word “blessed” doesn’t that imply my wife and daughter are the opposite of that and are “cursed.” Fevers, stomach bugs, stomach pains, and sickness are a result of the Fall. It is a result of sin in this world. It is because there is a curse in this world.

Sickness stinks. It’s awful. When was the last time you got sick? How did you feel? For us, it seems these things come when we are struggling, depressed, and overwhelmed. They bring us to our wits end. Living in another country, no support system, unfamiliar medicine, and struggling to get by.

When all this seems to collide, we have one feeling that we’d like no one to ever know. It is this, “Is this all worth it?” The answer to the question is no it’s not. When we compare our sick feelings and measure it against the safeness of FDA approved food, familiar medicine, and a close family support system it isn’t worth it. But honestly, asking the question this way is wrong.

We have learned a couple of things throughout our sicknesses. We can’t measure our circumstances against the value of people. We have to weigh our sufferings against the goodness and glory of Christ. It isn’t is this worth it but is Jesus worth it? Yes, Jesus is worth it. Regardless of the country, virus, or other weird sickness, He is worth it. Endure it. I don’t have all the answers but I know this fellow Christian, you will suffer. This world is full of sin and suffering. They suffer and you will suffer but you have Jesus. Suffer as someone who has hope. Suffer as someone who knows there is a place free from suffering because someone suffered the most so that you can live with Him forever without any suffering. Your sickness is not forever, it may feel like it but it is temporary. Jesus is forever.

I say all this as we await test results to see if Katie has an amoeba, parasite, or infection. Pain comes and goes. Fevers come and go but Jesus is forever.