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Just War, Just Wrong

Last week, I canceled Bible study. Why? Hamas had attacked a group of young Israelis at a music festival. The scenes were horrific. Israel began to mount its forces (IDF) and threatened to remove everyone from Gaza. Something interesting happened: the world started to discuss Just War Theory. So we scraped our study of 1 Timothy and looked at Just War Theory.

The situation in Israel has revealed a surprising amount of antisemitism worldwide. We have seen groups at Harvard blame Israel for the attacks…against Israel. Your Ivy League education, ladies and gentlemen, is not what we thought. They did some serious moral gymnastics to make those claims. Black Lives Matter groups have sided with Hamas and the Palestinians. How? Critical theory, along with intersectionality, has infiltrated the hearts and minds of academic institutions and eroded their minds. It has destroyed any remnant of their moral compass.

Intersectionality looks for how one is oppressed, claiming a victim status. This new victimhood becomes the primary lens by which they view the world. The most common way we have heard of this is through critical race theory (CRT). In 2019, the Southern Baptist Convention claimed CRT was an analytical tool to understand the world. Anyone in a perceived position of power must be silent and listen to those in a perceived position of lesser power.

How does this relate to Just War? Good question. Dr. Joseph Cochran, a visiting professor of Church History at Wheaton, was aghast at anyone who would discuss Just War Theory. He did not like the replies to his post, so he took it down and protected his account. The professor of Church History must have forgotten that the Just War Theory, as currently discussed, began most clearly by Augustine, the Bishop of Hippo, in Africa.

Cochran is just one example of how college education and degrees are a measure of intelligence. If someone builds their education on the framework of the principles of CRT, it is like me trying to see with someone else’s glasses. I may see objects but can’t see the actual things clearly because the lenses are wrong. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to see that what Hamas did in Israel was immoral and wicked. You just can’t have the lenses provided in many of our premiere academic institutions, whether secular like Harvard or Christian like Wheaton.

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