I am James Kerr. I grew up on the Space Coast of Florida. God changed my life when I was 14 years old. I’m married to Katie and we have one daughter.

My academic interests are in missions, anthropology, church ministry, biblical theology, and church history. When you combine all of these, you get missiology.

We lived on the mission field for a couple of years but health issues required our return. Much of my thinking, pastoring, and writing will be focused on missions and the local church. I am convinced the church needs to recapture a heart for missions. For far too long, we have allowed our mission boards to be in the driver’s seat of missions. The Great Commission was given to the church, not a parachurch organization or a mission board.

I enlisted in the Army at 17, deployed at 19, and served for over 16 years. My last 8 years were as a Chaplain. I do not write much about my time in the military but it serves as a constant source of illustrations.

I have served in various roles in ministry at churches. I am called to serve the local church. This blog will serve to be a repository of ideas, thoughts, and articles. Like my dissertation, I’m not even sure my mom will read it!